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It was in the early 1980s, just fourteen years old, that I was browsing every day through two great Rolling Stones books: "The Last Tour" (Kamin/Goddard) and "In Europe" (Kamin/Karnbach), both with stunning photos of the 1981 US tour and the 1982 European tour, whilst listening to the live album "Still Life" or, even better, watching "Let’s Spend The Night Together" on VHS.

Who could have imagined that 40 years later the Stones would still be on the road and that I would make a similar book about their 2021/2022 tour?

Time Fades Away

It is with great pride and honour that I am presenting you with this book which gives an inside view of how I saw these phenomenal shows from the very front. Every night was a memory and a celebration to Charlie Watts. The band seems closer to each other than ever before; lots of smiles, winks and hugs. They certainly have realised that they have come to a point where no band ever has been before and that it won’t last forever.

Every show is a bonus, a celebration to rock and roll, a celebration to life.

Hope you enjoy this book as much as I did while making it and that you relive these magical moments again and again with every page you turn … 

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